A view out the back window from another site I stayed in this winter. The light rock wall is the retaining wall for the dam holding back the Pecos River. Bill is not here.
One more state park, then back to Timberon.

A guy pulled into the site next to mine at a park. He lives in Montana and has a mobile RV repair and service business. Traveling with three magnetic signs on his truck, picking up some business as he travels. He also buys older RVs, makes repairs, then sells them. I forgot his name, but he was traveling in one, making repairs as he travles. Efficient. I learned some things, which is always good.

When in a laundromat, I went up to a man who was wearing a Vietnam cap. I wanted to hear about his experience. It was a good conversation.

Back then it was the time of the draft. I was driving a beer truck out of Paterson, NJ, making deliveries in Jersey City, Union City and Hoboken, and taking college courses at night. On the day the draft came out, as soon as I got back to the barn, I ran up the stairs and into the sales room and grabed a newspaper. Started running a finger down the list, very quickly at first; I did not want to see my birthday. Slowing down towards the end, thinking, Damn, I missed it. I saw my birthday next to 355. So I finished college. Many years later, there were times when I thought I should have volunteered; I certainly could have used the dicipline.

While toweling off my pickup after a coin, self wash, I saw the manager roll in riding a Segway ninebot. Of course I went over and had a conversation. I had a lot of questions. After a while, he let me try an older model. I have never had good balance, but the self-balancing feature made it easy. Keep your feet flat to stay in place, press your toes down to move forward, and drop heels to roll back. Way cool. Be sure to stand up straight at all times.

I copied this text.
“Segway Ninebot S Plus Smart Self-Balancing Scooter, Intelligent Lighting, Remote Control and Auto-Following Mode, UL-2272 Certified $700 Sturdy & Powerful: Dual 400W motors, max speed 12.5 mph, range 22 miles, max load 220 lbs. Safety & Comfort: Smart Battery Management System ensures safety, extends battery life. Knee control bar for precise steering, easy lifting. 11" pneumatic tires for smooth rides on bumpy roads. Remote Control & Auto-Follow Mode: Use handle or joystick on multi-functional remote to control device. Activate follow mode for hands-free operation. This product has been tested and passed ANSI/CAN/UL-2272."
Can handle a 15% grade
Take a look at the videos on Amazon (I would order the scoote from Segway).

Timberon nightime temps are still down in the 30s and lower 40s. Not looking forward to the colder nights. Back to the Wave6 catalytic heater and solar power. I’m moving up on the 3rd, from 3,500’ to nearly 7,000. Hope my road is passable, they have been having rain and the dirt road has too much clay. We’ll see.

The ball is in your court. Pick it up and go.

You can clutch the past so tightly to your chest that it
leaves your arms too full to embrace the present. Jan Glidewell

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SOD said…
Do you think that scooter could handle the Kokopelli? ;-)
Tom H. said…
What's up? No current postings, now, for months.

Thanks for hanging in here. I'll be posting a page, "April, May, June and July" soon. Then get back to monthly pages.
Might not be til August, have to send my computer in for service.

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