table of contents


  • July—table of contents
  • August—simple living in 95 sq ft
    August—more on simple living—dreams and cutting down on possessions
  • September—simple travel—between the roads
  • October—packing for the road
  • November—choosing a rig
  • December—tread lightly


  • January—one foot in the grave - get back in shape and experience the Outdoors
  • March—lake powell
  • June—home sweet home - summer job in Kanab, UT and the Kaibab Plateau
  • September—seasonal work - ideas and resources
    September—use of time
  • November—heading south—Moab, UT and down rt.191 to southern AZ and Anne LaBastille


  • January—southern new mexico state parks—full moon, mug, and bowl walks, don’t act your age, and meeting other campers
    January—let others know - lettering for the outside of your rig
  • February—the lifestyle—what it’s like to live like this & security
    February—odds and ends for off-the-grid vagabonds living in small rigs
  • March—heading north—weekday asphalt, second mesa on the Hopi reservation and BLM
  • April—not quite limbo - short stay in Heber, UT while teaching a class
  • June—campground host
  • July—life in south willow canyon, UT—rattlesnakes, pack goats, didgeridoo, prayer flags, connect-the-campers, and Rizzlo
  • August—evicted - evacuated for a couple weeks due to a forest fire and Rizzlo is found
  • September—chompin’ to hit the road - big eyes at night, homemade trailer, onyx and turkeys
  • October—campground manager position - what such a job entails
    October—maybe it’s time to roll - installing solar panel
    October—heading south to new mexico and ‘my canyonlands – the adventurous life of Kent Frost’
  • November—heron lake state park, canaries, snagging, and custom doormats
    November—fulltiming in RV parks
  • December—villanueva state park and meeting new people
    December—conchas lake state park
    December—ute lake state park


  • January—santa rosa state park
    January—sumner lake state park, pet deer, a racoon, and the wolf moon
  • February—oasis state park, clovis points, LEDs, and the snow moon
    February—bottomless lakes state park
    February—brantley lake state park, cold butt, the back way, in-town bicycling, living desert, not into travel
  • March—year of the ox, a new trans, and the worm moon
  • April—back to city of rocks state park, historic district, and wait wait
    April—RVwest magazine article - following a free spirit
    April—back to bisbee, nixing the A/C, and the pink moon
    April—ravens, one life less for onyx, and bikes
  • May—meandering north up NM rt.181with a little blue bird, too many mice, san francisco mountains, rough roads, almost lost the starter, and the flower moon
  • June—living alfresco and the strawberry moon
  • July—one last time in south willow—the german, housesitting, mudslide, seals, an ungrateful Rizzlo, and the buck moon
  • August—evicted once again—yungas road, feed pan, take your last breath, pulse, the book thief, cretin with a horse, and the sturgeon moon
    August—onyx thwarted, skiers cabin, where am i
  • September—rock climbers, EDELAC, rotor rooter, raccoons, more seals, the cabin comes down, and the harvest moon
  • October—meadow and onyx, horses, deer, turkeys, ‘a walk in the woods’, ruth’s with pam, hiking with cathy, du pre books by peter bowen, and the hunter's moon
    October—out of here
  • November—moab, documentaries, deck plate, dipping bars, uncertainty, and the beaver moon
    November—canyon rims area, bored?!, rockland, cowpie fires, and a new bed
  • December—navajo lake, heron, water heater flush, day-to-day variances, three ravens, onyx and the shower bag, LaMontanita co-op, villanueva, thanksgiving, and the cold moon
    December—santa rosa, oasis, bottomless, more déjà vu, and five great lessons


  • January—seasonal friends, teardrop, winter solstice, christmas with the cows, and oliver lee hike
  • February—back to bisbee II
    February—granite gap
    February—out and about south of silver city and onyx in hyperdrive
  • March—big burro mountains
    March—easy to be active at city of rocks
  • April—cold weather dry camping in small fiberglass trailers
    April—jacks peak, caches, salida, grapes, wanderlust, and retirement
  • May—5 felines, snow, desperation, and feet
    May—trippin’ and fallin’, solitude, sacaton, sailplane, and expenses
    May—change of plans, creek coffee and wine, codgerspace, and sirius
  • June—camping spots heading north, breakdown, and seeing the house
    June—learning to fly
  • July—house sitting in cañones valley
  • August—don't sit on your ticket
  • September—little beaver pow-wow, paige bridges art, this and that, and cherishing each day
    September—learning to fly—part two—starting to get past the crashing
  • October—chama to moab
  • November—designs by owen
    November—tucked away in the mountains with felines and birds
  • December—campgrounds


  • January—tally, between the roads, radio classics, what to write, and the bricklayer
  • February—flats, shoot the pilot, cold spell, a 20 year old Cherokee, and how to wash the cat
  • March—back to bisbee III—mucho eating, stoned and stuffed,
    independent ladies, honk and holler, no F150, mating and peanuts, and if
  • April—the new turning radius, M&M out of the cage, cookes peak, rattles, and christian or thief
  • May—aging and disuse
  • June—short segment north through NM and what a woman finds attractive in a man
    June—diana’s sixty minutes sixty years challenge
  • July—bone marrow transplant, stairwell saga and newly weds
    July—one pot meals, virtual choir, wingin’ it, the winds, way too many porker carts, an evil god, and shootin’ the boss
  • August—moose in the window, doa, carefree children, turkeys in the night, not my realm, and dear cats and dogs
  • September—more moose, might as well be dead, a dead sony, mesa's bear, another challenge, and children’s books
  • October—art deco, on the rim, flaming cow sh*t, check the water, nasty body fluids, it's a hard life, extended time off the grid, and games for when you are older
  • November—small world, coyotes, running of the bulls, IZ, salmon run, an empty park, fresh cup, and George Washington and the axe
  • December—disaronno, blue cover, eton, notebook, a fisherman, sandbags, and chicken little


  • January—solstice and silver jewelry of the southwest Indians
  • February—an old man and the norm
  • March—podcasts, grave robbers, the rhino, and wash hikes
  • April—back to Bisbee IV, spending, all on wheels, food from plants, old fogies’ pass, recycling ravens, and more time in the burros
  • May—night life, wimpin’ out a bit, email, dragging my feet, cushion covers, flash backs, too old, and ravens (again)
  • June—last two rattlers, eclipse, single burner, javelina, blocked panel, back out where I feel best
  • July—one less life for Meadow, physical travel, meth, two-niner, and cutting down
  • August—first 6 weeks in the white mtns, up close bobcat, road closures & the chinese, and semester at sea
  • September—last 3 weeks in the Whites, plinking, more mud, logger, and felines
    September—bear at the door, 2 postings, bow drill, 3-week stints off the grid, the Kaibab, living for single-tracks, and mushrooms
  • October—back in the dirt for M&M, mail call, little chuckles, thrilling but nuts, scootin’ mesa, water containers, john’s eclipse, triple 18
    October—canyon rims, trees for M&M, and macraven
  • November—sweat lodge, a mistake, a second shelter, cryptobiotic soil, and 2nd spot in the canyon rims area
  • December—back to NM, time for a new trailer, up to Oregon? and pdf stories


  • January—defroster, trailer saga, Bordeaux, story for tomorrow and not gonna settle for less
  • February—my first goat, record snow fall, bottle cutter, new tunes, decided, think different, and a thanks
  • March—lookin’ good, maybe in a tree, LOL, and SHAFF
  • April—salida in ’14, winter parks, outdoorsy, coffee with a tang, mother earth, blog to com, and bounding
  • May—one trailer, two trailers, one trailer
  • June—feel it, la grande, thunder rv, bobolink, options, sun, snow! and tweaked for us
  • July—this and that and my 2nd goat
  • August—$1000 town run for groceries, option error, a flock of chicks, one cowpie and a lookout
  • September—my first chicks, apprehension and a little help
  • October—back in Utah, mutant fungus, room with a view, and mega box
  • November—solo trailer and last RV, but…
  • December—third goat, stranded solstice, recreation vehicles, and loser


  • January—pretty much does it for electric hookups, rigs,
    staying warm and the first of 12 olios
  • February—new people, 40’, life/wintering in the 17K, boomerangs, and PLBs
  • March—park model, rick’s ’66, 4 miles an hour, and a kindle
  • April—learning curves, Evangeline, and shadows
  • May—this and that, stuck in the parks, manzano state park and anchor dates
  • June—stay cool, online drawback, and back to the life
  • July—3-week hard-wall camping stints off-the-grid and music
  • August—more on the July page, at the water’s edge, hard-wall camping, floor vents and housework exercise, salads, sawdust, and close encounters (predators)
  • September—14,000’, how long can a short move take! parallel universe, woodpecker II, hiking, potential full-timers, and a bud room
  • October—back in Utah, freedom for M&M, tires, night sky, 4th camera, conversation, and artwork
  • November—wuss, soaring, stickers, under the sun and moon, and Susan’s photos with captions
  • December—Buddha, felis catus and cervidae, first nuke, two sides of dull, spaces in-between, printers, car talk, and a singing nun


  • January—kickass classical, never stand still, 5 goats, lesson for the teacher, kayaks, and bet I can put on more clothing than you
  • February—65, dead people, peaches and peas, wonder, body armor, and stepping stones
  • March—shillelagh, hikers, photo contest, and 52 days
  • April—back to Bisbee V, my first flock of ducks, cosmic catnip, RVwest, and hiking a gulch
  • May—the norm, a note for my wife, two years with the Nash 17K, and the window
  • June—couldn't-do-without and heading south
  • July—sixth goat, time to re-watch, from pad to basket, back in the woods, orienteering, something it is not, what are the chances, big ball, and lost to posterity
  • August—down and dirty in the sagebrush, skip it, up another 900’, germs, and charades
  • September—Nash trailers, two lifestyles, spur roads, options, and a shadow
  • October—paperbacks, opening cans, heifer, once more around the world, the note, a mystery solved, and futility
  • November—stocking up, vertigo, butt huntin’, and too early for 34 degrees
  • December—bags of what?! slippin’ n’ slidin’, you hear something? mini-book, and two photos


  • January—seventh goat, kn, Goliath, Uros, and the return of Cleo
  • February—room without a view, back to Bisbee VI, Scorpion II, license @ 66, mulled wine, and music and the ostrich
  • March—let me out, rat poot, roadrunners, half-mast, and too small to fight
  • April—2nd flock, 3rd cat, pretty much a bust,
    designated driver, sudoku, and it’s just starting
  • May—leak fix leak, 2-week limit, and horses
  • June—meadow’s recovery, eighth goat, mega-fires and idiots, fireplace, and it was a dark and stormy night
  • July—early morning wakeup call, frogs,rattlesnakes and cowpies,and in a barrel
  • August—this and that
  • September—here's a little story (my most read page)
  • October—the graft
  • November—back with Meadow and Mesa
  • December—back on the vac


  • January—not quite enough
  • February—kindle and almost time to head south
  • March—now, maybe it has been enough
  • April—once more, into the breech
  • May—tumbleweed and a success
  • June—back in the woods
  • July—some medical tweaks and air pistols
  • August—one year, finally back to sixty for sixty, armed to hike, and another ramble
  • September—timberon
  • October—timberon II
  • November—21 miles, 38 degrees, 28% and another bobcat
  • December—liberty, not so much and can gas


  • January—NM wildflowers, not yet ashes, slow dance, and heart and soul
  • February—next time, windshield, and pleasure in a good novel
  • March—good emotions, lost jacks, fog fence, and last time in Utah for awhile
  • April—ode to joy, flat spots, 1954, and back in Timberon
  • May—brewing, a curtain, laser and eye drops, and willie and lobo
  • June—bird quiz, stoned, rehab, deer, and patience/wisdom
  • July—montezuma, two months, and me
  • August—lizard, goat herder, and missed
  • September—wilson, belly butting, neuter, and a checklist
  • October—poppycock, park from above, and hope
  • November—back in the parks, cargo trailers, and stimulating the brain
  • December—e-MTB and milk paint

  • 2019

    • January—groovy yurts, the arrow and the green book
    • February—cold weather hummingbirds and wine bottles
    • March—meerkat, leaf springs, quick link and snow
    • April—CH751, being-dead, ice, uu and cinderblock
    • May—sweethearts of rhythm, hitching a ride, and nubs
    • June—it’s a wonderful life, Weed, coral reef
      and OH NO
    • July—a few short bits and thoughts on a move
    • August—eye catcher, last of coral, first and boink
    • September—upset, 20 gauge, and smartest & dumbest
    • October—new panels, a comeback, books & music, ford and paw prints
    • November—karma, people, the boot and radiator & exhaust
    • December—winkler, smokey and the solstice


    • January —a grain of salt
    • February—sportpet, driver safety, do the math and ESPP
    • March— back to the lifestyle and intermittent fasting
    • April— bondic, PCO and incentive
    • May— grateful, mice, new solar, sandisk and the roof
    • June—summer spot, brella and playbook
    • July—tire table, masks and voodoo
    • August—more sky than I want
    • September—second best and RVers with rubber roofs
    • October—polish, more color, snow and 1st park
    • November—could have started off better
    • December—time out and mile marker


    • January—mishmash, Dragon, flip & rotate and rainbow
    • February—Dragon and lack of access
    • March—flat (no, not that kind), cemetery and the spaceship
    • April—neighbors and the spaceship
    • May—trees and get outside
    • June—young buck, log-tow, sunshade-mesh and the temple
    • July—not much
    • August—identify, barking and screaming, and turkeys—long time comin’
    • September—jaguar, Bike Works and SC status
    • October—double guano
    • November—Orion, SC status, wine visits and a joke
    • December—tree of hope, property, solstice and sloth ropes


    • January—bob&brad, good morning and mondays
    • February—one last warm day, the estate, a mishap and no more PO
    • March—wringer, post driver, and back in Timberon
    • April—new canopy and a greenhouse
    • May—dragging logs, standing tall and closed forest
    • June—doe ears, gettin’ hot, bozos and words from the past
    • July—rooster and scoop & scoot
    • August—stomp, mesa’s posture and parenting advice
    • September—gold weed and do something once
    • October—the shiner
    • November—new sticker
    • December—let there be light, solstice and dancing in the movies


    • January—elementary, Tom Swift and last month’s solstice
    • February—acts of kindness and caramels
    • March—timberon visit and been here done this
    • April—harissa, André Rieu and two strong friends
    • May—laundry, pins, last cast and propane
    • June—balance
    • July—jake and jenny
    • August—another mishmash
    • September—blurry, diner, javelina and needle
    • October—last turkeys and the library
    • November—Swiss, talked at and dysfunctional
    • December—solstice, new tenant, and sci-fi


    • January—

    I tend to go back from time to time and add to past entries. Sometimes it’s new paragraphs on something else I thought of and sometimes it’s changes to what I originally wrote. I might have changed the way I look at something or how I do something. Sometimes it’s more info on a particular area where I camp. Whatever, things change and so does this text.

    This is my fourth RV and my 2013 upgrade—a Northwood Nash 17K.

    They say you can make a wish when the moon paints the waves.
    If you don’t tell, it will come true.

    RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’

    RVwest article ‘The Spaces Between the Places’


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