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down and dirty in the sagebrush,
skip it, up another 900’,
germs, and charades

There are vast stretches of space in between the well-known places to visit. Ever been driving through sagebrush country? The landscape can appear to have a more or less monochrome uniformity, broken occasionally by outcroppings of bare rock (or juniper). To many, this lack of notable landmarks denotes an absence of anything worth seeing—just a place to drive past on the way to somewhere interesting. Others might not see it that way. Hard-wallers have found that many of Nature’s little treasures are only accessible on foot. When I’m out hiking, my vision is scanning the distance, but I can also miss much. So I balance it on walks with Meadow & Mesa. When M&M and I are outwalkin’, it’s slow, and I try to keep my eyes focused in close. I watch M&M and see how they investigate what is down near them as they walk along. I would imagine walking with a kitten or puppy would enhance seeing the world with different eyes/perspective even more. There is so much beauty on a