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back in Utah, mutant fungus,
room with a view, and mega box

I don’t think we’re in Oregon anymore, Meadow and Mesa. Living on wheels doesn’t always lend itself to a schedule or itinerary (not that I care). I pulled off onto some BLM land one afternoon in Idaho. It was not great but not too bad (except for the flies). I got up the next morning and intended to sit and have a large mug of yerba mate and do some reading, since I planned for a very short drive to the next spot. Anyhow, when I got up I heard thunder and saw lightning so I thought it best to go right out, back the truck and hook up the weight-distribution hitch. I was two minutes from finishing up when it started to hail. I was two miles down this road with pretty bad washboards and maybe a quarter mile of loose, rutty hill down to the lake, where I was camped. I thought it would be smart to get up the hill and out towards the asphalt before the road got too slick. I then pulled over and heated up a mug of my morning drink. Since it was raining, I then just headed out. South of