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back in the parks, cargo trailers,
and stimulating the brain

Why does this photo almost look scary? Back in the NM state parks. I’ve met a couple of new interesting person and have been catching up with my winter acquaintances. Feels good. Sure wouldn’t want a lifestyle of this, though. Down on the flats east of the Sacramento Mtns., I’ve been accessing NPR from a different station. The first Saturday, I tuned in early to see what time Wait, Wait would broadcast. I got a chuckle when I heard ‘Best of Car Talk.’ I haven’t heard these re-runs for quite some time. What a treat. Has a psychic ever won the lottery? Had new larger drums and brakes put on the Nash. Sure feels good to have working brakes again on the trailer. The last couple of winters in the parks, I’ve noticed more cargo trailer campers. There are a number of companies now that convert the trailers into campers. A good number of people still choose to do the work themselves, as in this trailer. The owner purchased a top-of-the-line cargo trailer, constructed for heavy us