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my first chicks, apprehension
and a little help

It’s getting near the equinox, so as I wrote last month, time to purchase my first flock of chicks through Now I’ll be purchasing 2 goats and 2 flocks of chicks a year for families who could use a bit of assistance. Not bad; I wish more would make such a commitment. Well, I had a 100watt solar panel added to the 60watt already up on the roof and the 160watts are enough to take care of my needs. Sure is nice to see the batteries fully charged most days. The dealer replaced the solar controller but not with an upgrade, just another OEM. This second controller is starting to do the same things as the last one. Bummer. I’ll see what can be done about it. Last month while rolling into a national forest, I felt apprehensive. I’m driving along checking out spur roads, looking for a place to set up camp. I’m noticing how parched everything is; the grass looks like straw. On town runs, I’d been hearing about fires in this part of the state and in other areas. It was the first