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more on the July page, at the water’s edge,
hard-wall camping, did something about it
floor vents and housework exercise,
salads, sawdust, and close encounters with predators

I know, I know, this page is late, once again. I had to pre-date it before I uploaded it so it showed up in August. I only got into town once in August and I did not have the page finished at that time. On my last town-run, I added four paragraphs to the July page: town-run days, a safety thing, and what I do with the campsite before leaving on a town trip to make it look like I’m not alone, am in the area, will be back soon, and have friends coming. Do a FIND for ‘Consider doing’ and it should take you to the first paragraph. I sure do like living in the Nash 17K—it’s like a ‘mama bear rig,’ just right (I’m tweaking the fairy tale). My Jayco and Holiday Rambler were ‘papa bear rigs,’ both had too much space. The Casita was a ‘baby bear rig,’ too little for fulltiming. Nor have I come across a floor plan that better fits my lifestyle. There’s enough room to exercise inside when I want to and the back three windows are priceless when out off-the-grid. A common setup in 5th wheel