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This is how I got to the laundromat when in casts. Laundry in backpack, pack on back, knee on scooter—and I was off. Brent, yep, same pack. While in Albertsons, I came across one of my favorite acquaintances from Timberon. What a treat. She owns the propane business. Being up in years, the business was getting a bit much for her. This is one feisty lady, not one to sit in the office. I would see her driving the propane truck, filling bottles in front of the shop, driving around checking meters, and whatnot. When filling house tanks and checking meters, high snake boots were always on her feet. The lady has come across a lot of rattlers. Always a pleasure to talk with her. One of the two ladies I learned so much from when I first moved to Timberon for the summers. This awesome lady came down with cancer a while back. Friends went out along the scenic byway towards Cloudcroft with sidewalk chalk. In two spots, writing out her name and encouraging words. I knew it, but something lik