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use of time

Occasionally one hears a question such as, “With so little with you, how do you fill your time?” or sees a similar question posted on various forums. One also hears it from those who full-time in the standard way and from those who are considering the lifestyle. I have trouble understanding a question like this. Are people so use to being constantly entertained? That they don’t know what to do if there is no TV, movies, restaurants, social gatherings, or whatever? Even when they ‘travel’, they merely follow the status quo&#151visit the popular sights, rack up the miles and drive through as many states as possible. So much for taking the road less traveled. Some say they get bored. How can one ever be bored? I was taught boredom is lack of imagination. Our life is in our own hands, every minute of it&#151do something with it. For some full-timers, having more free time is no big thing. They just continue right on doing what they did with their free time, when they were working

seasonal work

If considering seasonal work, first decide what type of work you are looking for. is a very popular source for finding a job. Their listings are extensive and one also gets a daily email with openings around the country. Other workamper sites have opened in the last few years, such as,,, and Many seasonal businesses are finding out that workampers generally turn out to be reliable employees so the job opportunities cover more than RV parks. One will find workamper jobs listed for resorts, national and state parks, amusement parks, lighthouses, storage facilities, excursion trains, NASCAR tracks, Christmas tree, pumpkin and fireworks lot, traveling circuses and carnivals, summer camps, and private farms and ranches. I used to get a stellar job for a summer. I let my membership lapse, however, since I was more interested in primitive campgrounds which are not covered at workamper. I used a