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one foot in the grave
get back in shape and experience the Outdoors

When you have something precious, the only way to go is to take good care of it. Many say that they can no longer participate in such activities such as hiking—they are ‘too old’. They adopt the ‘can’t do—give up’ mindset and jump up on the ‘it’s part of growing old’ bandwagon. They then live the last twenty or thirty years of their life with one foot in the grave. Ever notice that these people are the one’s not doing much to help themselves? The older we get the more important exercise is. There are a couple things some of us have learned over the years. One is that if we are dealing with something that has moving parts and we do not take care of it—it starts to break down. The other thing is that if we start to work on it—it begins to work better—be it an old car or one’s body. There are all kinds of little things we can do to keep active. Many of them do not seem to make much of a difference but taken all together, they can really tone up our body—the home of our soul while here on