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the shiner

I saw these two young gobblers early last month. Have not seen or heard any turkeys since then. Going to drop my last unopened 40 lb. bag of scratch grain with a friend to use. I was looking at some paintings by Normal Rockwell and came across The Shiner. When I read the story behind the painting, I ordered a 11x14 print and have it hanging in the Nash. For me, it’s the smile. Couldn’t get a photo of it without reflection, so this image is from ARTPublica Magazine. "The Young Lady with the Shiner" (1953) by Norman Rockwell “Out of the 321 covers that Norman Rockwell (1894 - 1978) created during his 47-year career at the Saturday Evening Post, “The Young Lady with the Shiner” painted in 1953 was his 277th. It ran on the 23rd of May, and served as the third and final work by Rockwell The Post published that year. To create the impressively detailed scenes that the artist is known for, Rockwell relied on meticulously planned photographic studies. So, when he was ready