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Nash trailers, two lifestyles, spur roads,
options, and a shadow

I moved to a spot with longer morning and earlier afternoon shade. I’ve come across a number of places that would be good spots to camp within an hour’s bike ride. Many more looked good but had dead trees or large, dead, overhead branches that could pose a problem. Some had large live trees but with more lean to them than I feel comfortable with. My present spot has one such tree but it’s leaning away from the Nash. Some spots are too tight to position a rig where it would work best. I always want an isolated spot; one where there is not another spot nearby where someone could set up. If I come back to the Kaibab, I might set up at the end of this unmarked spur. I would have to take my bow saw to some deadfall in order to get the trailer all the way back but it would sure be secluded. The spot is at 8,500 feet and would make another great base camp for my kind of traveling and with close access to the Arizona Trail. This is another spot, but limited. There is no shade and is t