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I had a very nice surprise last week. I was inside trying to make sense of some pages that I had downloaded while in town. Voices called from outside and it was the couple from Salida, CO, I wrote about back in April of 2010. Jack and Linda were just passing through and saw my trailer. It was great talking with them again. The last time through they were in an old ‘canned ham’ trailer. Jack is actually in the process of building a new one. Linda and Jack made Salida sound like a stellar place. I played with the idea of spending some time there last summer but never got over there. So not this summer either, but maybe in 2014. After all the driving I will be doing this summer, going only as far north as Salida next summer will look pretty good. We’ll see. I had another good stay over in the Burro Mtns. last month, right along the Continental Divide trail. Had some outstanding early morning runs up to Jack’s Peak. There were a couple overnight campers in the area but they were out