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out and about south of silver city

Back to a spot we like. There’s plenty for me to do here and Meadow and Onyx seem to enjoy the rocks and long grass—and probably the kangaroo rats. The jackrabbits we come across on our dusk walks kind of always startle these two fierce hunters, though. I met a guy in his 70’s who had his RV in the park for a few days. John was out walking the trails with a CANE! I was impressed. He was walking about two miles a day, not on the road, but on the trails. Way to go. This is the third scratching post I had to make for these two since we moved into the casita. Couple of little shredders. Three 100’ spools of rope! Came back to the camper after a ride one day and found a note on my door. Dennis (remember the ‘LET’ERRUST’ entry from last winter?) came into the park, was walking around, and saw my rig. He left the bus up in Oregon and turned his Chevy van into a camper and is cruising around down here for the winter before heading back up to Bend. Biked ove

granite gap

I turned off rt80 onto a sand road in the Peloncillo Mtns. for some disperse camping. There were some spectacular granite and limestone formations. Found a nice spot up against some rocks and stayed for a few days. Saw a couple filling the back of their pickup with sticks one day, another day a couple just cruised through, and a couple javelina shooters came in later for awhile. Other than that, no one. On one of our dusk walks, I came across a couple of blankets and a day pack. The thing I do not enjoy about disperse camping down here is how often I come across sign of UDAs. It’s not an area where I sit around a fire at night and relax. I’ve never had a run-in with any but it’s hard for me to feel safe. Meadow and Onyx loved being allowed back outside. I don’t let them out when in Bisbee. The photos are of the road going in, some clouds on a morning run, the UDA rock, a working windmill with pump that I came across while out mountain biking, and my camping spot. Ther

back to bisbee II

I REALLY did not want to drive the interstate from Deming to Lordsburg so after pulling out of City of Rocks, I headed north on rt180, turned west onto Airport Road, and took Whitewater Road over to rt90. There were some washboard sections initially that shook things up, but once past Whitewater, the road was pretty well graded. One photo is looking back towards City of Rocks and Table Mountain. The other is looking west towards the Big Burro Mtns. Once on rt90 and into the Big Burro Mtns., I made note of where the forest roads branched off since I’ll be back to camp in this area next month. It sure felt good being back in Bisbee. I stayed at Lynn’s again and this time she even provided wi-fi access (we never could find out where it was coming from). I spent hours catching up on web work. What a treat. Lynn took this shot of the casita at dusk. And, of course, we hit some favorite restaurants—Roka CafĂ©, Bisbee Breakfast Club, and Turquoise Valley Golf Course Cafe. Life is tough. I