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living alfresco,
and the strawberry moon

First off, one needs to truly enjoy spending time out in nature. If not&#151just go about it in the standard RV way. You’ll probably be happier. Most people spend much of their day exposed to lots of noise, people&#151lots of stimulation. Our minds are processing and responding to an enormous number of auditory and visual cues all the time. Alone in nature, we find ourselves in an environment that makes virtually no demands on us. There’s a low level of stimulation that slows down our thinking. This is a good thing. We need to be aware of its power. The leaving behind of schedules and appointments, job and routine can open one up to the varied rhythms and tempo of the natural world—sunrises and sunsets, the sound of the wind, and the crashing of a storm. This heightened awareness and shift in attitude usually takes time and it cannot be forced. It is often a gradual seeping-in process, an accumulation of rainstorms, moonrises, and silence. To live with a small rig, it hel