new canopy and a greenhouse

Remember when I wrote about inadvertently leaving the awning out in a hail storm? I could have sworn it was rolled in. Anyway, 4-5’ feet of the canopy at the top was trashed. Yes, it took quite a while but I finally ordered a new canopy. I asked Deb to shelp me with the replacement. Here’s Deb pulling out the roller from the old canopy. Here’s the new canopy nearing completion. I’m holding the most useful tool, well, other than our two ladders, a can of silicon lubricant. We lubed the full length of the three 11.5’ slots that the beads of the new canopy had to slide into. Priceless stuff. Might be able to see some of the T-posts we set in the background. Thanks, Deb, for helping me with this. Should be good until the next hail storm. Here’s a photo of how Deb’s greenhouse is coming along. Awesome. Soon she'll be constructing a cold frame garden similar to my friends’ in Moab. Another shot from the galley window. Still a tad nippy in the mornings, 30s and a couple in t

wringer, post driver, and back in Timberon

Deb does all her laundry by hand. So while I was there, so did I. The Calliger hand wringer was awesome. The first time, I thought it was a lot of work. But while doing my second batch a few days later, I was enjoying it, really. Did a number of batches during the four weeks I was there. Although one morning, I had to wear warm gloves under some heavy rubber gloves. Deb says the only time she minds it is during the winter. The life of a homesteader. It’s open range so occasionally horses or cows come through. Sometimes causing damage. I helped Deb start on some fencing. We set 44 6.5’ T-posts. I picked up a 2nd “14 lb. post driver with handles,” so the work went quicker. The first day I was getting a headache, all that pounding of steel on steel close to my ears. IBU and earplugs were not enough. The next day I dug out my shooting muffs and all was well. Many spots proved to be a bear getting the posts in. A couple days we were totally maxed. But as I staggered back to the Nash,

one last warm day, the estate, a mishap and no more PO

So, after driving 670 miles north to Utah, this is what I got for it. Heading north in February, kinda expected it. And yes, we were both up ladders sweeping off our solar panels. I set up out in the canyon rims area south of Moab for a day before continuing on the the Mason Martini Estate. A week later, I took the previous photo. Deb has 80 acres of range/grazing property, three miles from a boat launch on the Colorado. She has quite a setup. Hauls in water, power comes from solar panels, constructing a geothermal greenhouse, has a compost pile going, burns paper and cardboard, will soon be constructing a cold frame garden, takes care of her immediate acres and practices no harm. She is extremely handy and self-sufficient. Deb researches all aspects of her off-the-grid homestead before incorporating what she learns. Very smart lady. Ya done good, girl. I’m enjoying our day to day interactions, laughs, conversations. Looking forward to warmer temps so we can sit outside as we

bob&brad, good morning and mondays

This winter I came across ‘Bob and Brad’ on youtube. They are two physical therapists whose 10 minute videos are geared towards seniors (can be a bit quirky). Plenty of exercises, how to deal with shoulders and hips stiffness and weakness, and they are big on posture and balance exercises. They go into how to do each movement correctly, using proper form. Their idea of a perfect workout includes strengthening, endurance, flexibility, balance and posture. These are not my kind of exercises but I have adopted a number of them, as well as some of their ideas. They recommend doing some movements throughout the day. Worth checking out. Didn’t realize how stiff my ankles were until I started doing some ankle exercises. Didn’t register how it was restricting some of my exercises and day to day movements. I try to be aware but at times I’m just not tuned in. Guano. Brad mentioned fire feet on a video and I looked it up on youtube. I started to think I couldn’t do that. Whoa! I’m starting

tree of hope, property, solstice and sloth ropes

Here in Deming, NM, they had a Tree of Hope program running in December. Christmas trees were set up in 2 or 3 businesses with tags hanging on them. On each tag was a person’s name, age, sex, and clothing and shoe sizes. One picked a tag and bought a gift for that person. The people live down in Chihuahua and the program asked for clothing. I squatted down to reach two tags on the back of a tree; a 10 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. This is what I purchased. Sure made me feel good. I did however, have to ask a saleslady to pick out the girl’s boots. Didn’t have a clue. I’ll look for a similar program next December wherever I happen to be. Wish I had thought of doing this decades ago. There are hundreds of acres of property zoned un-restricted around Silver, but still no luck. Looked at two more properties but these realtor photos are of just one. You know I celebrate the Earth’s new year, the winter solstice. This year I started out with a brisk 3-mile walk listening to

Orion, SC status, wine visits and a joke

Around the first of the month, I opened my eyes at 5:00, looked at the area of the night sky that was framed by my bedroom window, and there was Orion. It’s the only constellation I follow in the winter. This, with my head still on the pillow. Over the weeks Orion has been moving towards dropping out of the window-framed sky. Just lucked out with how the Nash was positioned. Simple pleasures in a simple lifestyle. Still no luck with finding property around Silver City. I looked at lots out to 30 miles to the south, 20 miles to the west, and maybe to 20 miles to the east. Recently, I asked my realtor to look for property in the Gila River valley, 30 miles northwest of Silver. The area I want to check out has a population of 400. The terrain is semi-arid and close to the Gila National forest. Maybe this winter won’t be a wash, like last winter, as far as finding property. We’ll see. This is the gist of my updated criteria that I sent my realtor. 4-6 acres zoned un-restricted. I w

double guano

I looked at a number of properties in the Silver City area. For different reasons, so far, none have met my criteria. Guano. As with every winter since 2007, I had planned to stay in the NM state parks for my annual social fix. I had made reservations at two parks that I was going to move back and forth between for four months. Can you guess what’s coming here? Yep, like last winter, it did not work out. I received an email that one of the parks would be closed for renovations. Guano. So after spending a month in Silver, I moved down to the park where I stayed last winter. There are some good people here. And it’s only an hour from Silver so I can still drive there to check out new properties. Another property. The week before I pulled out of Tinderbox, I had to drill two holes in metal but my Honda 1,000 watt generator was not working. When I reduced my possessions for this lifestyle, I kept my favorite hand drill. Works really well. Lulu Garcia Navarro, the host of NP