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last two rattlers, eclipse, single burner, javelina,
blocked panel, and back out where I feel best

One afternoon I was sitting in a lowrider working on my Mac. I heard what was getting to be an all too familiar sound and looked up. There was Meadow ‘on point’ in front of some brush at the base of a boulder. I couldn’t get Meadow to back off until I got pretty close even using some expansive arm movements. I did not want to set the rattler off and with all the noise he was making, he seemed all set to let loose. This was way too close to home. He was hard to see and after a short while he moved off to a break in the rocks, rattling the whole time. That was something new I learned about rattlers. A couple days later I saw my fifth and last rattler since being back to CoR. This one was smaller but still on the edge of my campsite. Not good. No way am I ever going to be here again in May. The idea of a solar eclipse never did anything for me, not the least bit interested. A volunteer at CoR told me about the eclipse last month and gave me an info sheet along with a pair of plastic