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sixth goat, time to re-watch, from pad to basket,
back in the woods, orienteering, something it is not,
what are the chances, big ball, and lost to posterity

My Heifer International tally is now six goats, two flocks of chicks, one flock of geese, and one flock of ducks. My next donation will be on the fall equinox. But I might expand out from providing animals. Heifer International offers other programs that one can donate to: women enterprise, farming, water, and others. Will have to look into it before the equinox. I came across a sentence in a magazine. And this is in no way a cut to the article’s writer; she was merely relating trends stated by a person in the RV industry. “(RV) Consumers also want more features on the outside of the unit, such as outdoor kitchens and TVs to maximize the outdoor living experience.” Okay, I can sort of see an outdoor galley but why choose to cook outside and have your back to the Outdoors? But an outdoor TV “to maximize the outdoor living experience?” Hard-wall campers and RVers, most assuredly, differ in their mindset towards the ‘outdoor living experience.’ Back on the January 2013 page, I ment