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the new turning radius, M&M out of the cage,
cookes peak, rattles, and christian or thief

I’m missing the Cherokee’s turning radius. At times, I go into another never-ending, ground-eating, horrendous U-turn with the Dodge and wonder if I will come out of the turn in the same county. If I start into a U-turn in the afternoon, sometimes I speed up a bit so the turn is completed before dark. I also glance at the fuel gauge before going into a U-turn to be sure I will have enough gas to get me through the turn. I look into the driver’s mirror from time-to-time and see the back of the pickup tracking slowly behind, ‘bout a quarter mile back. I swear I could pull a U-turn with the Cherokee pulling the casita in the distance I could spit. Sure do miss the old turning radius. Already got into some trouble out in the sticks. Oh well. I was standing there one day looking at this behemoth next to the casita and went to get a tape measure. It seems I live in a box—my HOUSE—that measures less than 14 feet long. I tow it with a vehicle that is—20 feet long. Is there something wrong h