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NM wildflowers, not yet ashes,
slow dance, and heart and soul

I went through images on my Canon and found a useable one of the bobcat peaking out from behind the prickly pear, so you can go back to the November page to see it. I downloaded the NM Wildflower app to my iPod. It’s a treat when I’m out hiking or while out walking Meadow and Mesa. The pace with these two gives me plenty of time to look up plants. I like free, useful free items. This month I have a birthday, and as always, it is my most meaningful day of the year to give thanks for all that the previous year has brought me and for being able to cope with problems that came my way. I plan to go back and read ‘here’s a little story.’ It feels so good to not yet be ashes in an urn. I noticed this one day while at Bottomless Lakes NMSP. Guano. But it gave me an opportunity to use the 2-ton hydraulic jack I’ve been hauling around in case this happened. I tried plugging the hole but did not have the strength to even get the rasp into the hole. Here’s another document from my ‘th