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couldn’t-do-without and heading south

I like this spot. This is the view from just outside the Nash. Oh wait, no, this is a photo Lisa emailed from the Bahamas of an approaching squall. Guess I’ll have to get a bag for myself. But I had thought THIS ONE was mine. On the February 2008 page, ‘odds and ends for off-the-grid vagabonds living in small rigs,’ I covered just about everything I pack along with me. Recently I was thinking of a scaled down list of items that I really would not want to do without in this lifestyle. Some are way more important than others. So, here’s my current couldn’t-do-without list: First off, chuckles, smiles, & laughter; friends to talk with, email, & spend time with when the occasion arises; felines & a window cage; A good 20’-22’ trailer w/awning, LEDs, and the only floorplan I like; leveling blocks; 4-wheel drive tow vehicle; emergency RV road service; small 12V compressor; solar panels; Olympian Wave 6 catalytic heater; 150-200 watt inverter; MacBook w/external driv