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timberon visit and been here done this

Drove up to Timberon one day to collect my mail (since Nov. 1st) and visit with my favorite acquaintances. Plenty of snow in Cloudcroft but as the elevation dropped toward my unincorporated community, the snow disappeared. I generally get back to Timberon with the Nash in early March, but there was no way I could have done that this year. The roads were way too muddy, clay slick. Couldn’t have gotten the Nash within a third of a mile from #3. Good thing I am having surgery down in the valley. Maybe it was just getting back to the mountains or it being so quiet with no-one around (my area has few homes). Not even the birds were back. But while walking around my lot, it felt really good to be there. Will see how it feels when I arrive back with the Nash on June 1. Had the left foot done last week. Same procedures: Hallux valgus correction, pan metatarsal head resection, and hammer toe correction. Same old, same old. Been here, done this, dealt with it, know what to expect. I w