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my first goat, record snow fall, bottle cutter,
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and a thanks

I follow the geese south to get away from the snow and cold weather—it does not always work. I was listening to NOAA weather one morning on my eton and they mentioned that St. Angelo received a new record snowfall. The old record of 0.4” was blown away with a whopping 2.8”! Can’t see how they will ever be able to top that. What do you think, Ted? Glad you and Judith didn’t come down here this winter? I’m sure you don’t get this much snow up there in northwest Montana. I ran across Dennis at Brantley. He had quite a few changes in his life last summer. It was good catching up on things. I met some new people who started doing the winter state park thing—Hank in a Scamp 5th wheel, Sam from Montana traveling with a Weimaraner, Alan in an ’87 class A pretty much in mint condition, and Victoria traveling in a class C with her one-eyed dog, Henry. Taking care of my social-fix. Back in the August 2011 entry where I wrote about ‘not my realm,’ I mentioned I was going to start with he