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identify, barking and screaming, and
turkeys—long time comin’

Would have preferred wild grasses. Does anyone know what this plant is? It used to be nice and quiet here with a good deal of wildlife. Last spring, a couple, two lots over, had their property cleared and had a house built. Guano. Turkey hens and does brought their little ones through, as you’ve seen in previous summer photos and I got to watch them grow over the months. Not this year. Their dog is constantly barking, followed by the wife screaming for him to shut up. After 3 months of this (and aspirin), one day I called out, ‘ENOUGH!’ I know, I know, I should have walked over and tried to talk with the lady and her husband. From time to time, I regress. Pet ownership comes with responsibility. Either train the dog and/or get a ‘bark collar. I try to keep the noise I make on my property. But, from time to time I have to use the chainsaw. It’s been quieter but still no chicks and fawns. What mother would bring her little ones near all that noise. A couple weeks later the cou