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Don’t think I’ve posted this particular shot of Mesa and Meadow on the cage. Don’t know where we were. And yes, they jump and climb up there on their own. Well, I’m not getting back to the state parks this winter, maybe next year. This will be the third winter I’m not making it to the parks, through no fault of my own. Guano. I had made reservations for this winter, but something came up and I had to cancel them. I’ll be staying in Alamogordo until some time in April. Might even look forward to moving back up to Timberon by then. From Timberon’s elevation of 7,100’, I generally drop down to around 3,570’ for the winter months. This winter I’m in a different valley and only down to 4,330’. A bit chillier. But I have daily access to wi-fi and cell phone coverage. It’s in a RV park, however. Thank the gods I only do this when I have too. In the NMSPs, sites are generally farther apart, with no frills or calendar of events. Simple, my thing. I have some deer photos that I have