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and 52 days

I take a day to weed through my 5x8x4.5’ cargo trailer each winter. I exchange items, pick up some clothing and paperbacks, get rid of a few things, and top off the tires. This year I picked up my granmum’s blackthorn shillelagh which she brought over from Ireland. It’s not something that is practical for me to be hauling around—but it is WAY COOL. She was a great person. I decided to not go to the Burros for the two weeks between my two stays at CoR. Since it’s my social-fix season, I should be around people so I headed back to Oliver Lee. Sure do like the Dog Canyon hike. The park was pretty full but my favorite site was empty. I didn’t even finish setting up before I was thinking, it was kinda dumb to drive all this distance. In two weeks I have to drive all the way back. Next year I’ll go somewhere closer. I managed to get in a hike eleven of the fourteen days I was there. Racked up 60 miles in my Keen hiking boots. Definitely not something I could have done three or four ye