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pretty much does it for electric hookups, rigs,
staying warm and the first of 12 olios

Well, except for possibly another few days, I’m pretty much done with an electric hookup for the winter (I don’t hook up to water or sewer). I got to Oliver Lee on January 2nd and I don’t get an electric hookup there, nor do I take an electric site at City of Rocks. I’ll be here at CoR for three two-week stays. I love taking a morning run to the top of the mesa (wish I could do it on back-to-back days). Then that should do it for campgrounds until some time in December. Back to the life! At Oliver Lee, I went for an early 2 ½ hour hike each morning. One thing that stood out this time at the park was that there was a hiker/s coming up the trail each day as I was hiking down. In the past, I rarely saw another hiker. They were all locals, however, no RVers from the park. Showers were better than at Santa Rosa and Brantley but not as good as Bottomless. Jerry pulled into Bottomless an hour before I was set to pull out. It was good to see him again and catch up on things since last wint