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back to bisbee III—mucho eating, stuffed and stoned,
independent ladies, honk and holler, no F150,
mating and peanuts, and if

Made my annual pilgrimage back to Bisbee. Stayed three weeks at my friend Lynn’s place. Went out for more meals than I will for the rest of the year. We hit our favorites: Café Roka, Screaming Banshee, Bisbee Breakfast Club, and the Turquoise Valley café down in Naco. A new restaurant, Poco, opened up in Peddler’s Alley. We went there twice. Good food and some nice wines. I asked Lynn if I could take a bath, ‘I haven’t had one for a year.’ She said, ’You probably need one.’ Sounds kind of strange but I just don’t get opportunities to take baths with this lifestyle and I sure miss them. I’ll be back to the Sun Shower bag by the end of next month. Got back to taking Lynn’s dog, Chica, on morning walks over in Old Bisbee and the Mules. We either walk up 1,200 stairs or so and go down a few hundred more or do a few hundred stairs and then go off on the trails in the Mule Mtns. above town. One morning Tim Davis (a volunteer I met last year at C of R) met us with his dog Abby. That excursion