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ravens, one life less for onyx, and bikes

Had a headwind while heading back to New Mexico. Going and coming, go figure. Awful gas mileage—might as well get a class A. Oh well, had another podcast of ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ to keep me chuckling. Purchase two new tires for the casita while in Bisbee. With the narrower cross-section and less rolling resistance I should get much better gas mileage. Yet another stellar spot for working at the bench. But—I don’t know—maybe a little closed-in? The first hummingbird of the year came by the other day so I mixed up some sugar water and hung up the feeder. Now there are a couple visitors in the morning and late afternoon. There was a raven nest up in the rocks, not 50’ from the camper at one place we camped. Didn’t see it until I had set up camp. Maintained a quiet, laid-back site while there, trying not to disturb the birds. Judging from their behavior, they were not the least bit concerned. It was a fabulous experience. Prior to this time I had known two di

back to bisbee - nixing the A/C,
and the pink moon

I don’t feel especially safe dry-camping down in Cochise county with all the UDAs passing through. I use to live in Bisbee and have just heard and read too many stories. This trip I stayed in a friend’s driveway. In the past I’ve dry-camped in the Chiricahua Mountains, east of Bisbee. No problem but I just felt on edge most of the time. I feel somewhat safer in the Dragoon mountains northeast of Tombstone. Drive out Middlemarch Road (a bit north of town) for ten miles and there are all kinds of places to disperse camp. There is also the Whitewater Draw National Wildlife Area, out in the Double Adobe area a few miles east of Bisbee on Central Highway. They allow camping there. I think it was free. No hookups. A few other places to check out for dry camping are: the Coronado National Forest south of Patagonia; maybe along Sybil Rd between St. David and Dragoon; off Charleston Rd by San Pedro River between Sierra Vista and Tombstone; and the South Fork of Cave Creek and Rucker Canyons i

RVwest magazine article - following a free spirit

Tanya is a stellar person to work with. RVwest article ‘Following a free spirit’ Make room for yourself in your life—by keeping it simple. from Illuminations FOR INDEX OF POSTINGS GO TO JULY 2006