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jaguar, Bike Works and SC status

I’m posting two of the last photos I took before pulling out of Tinderbox. This jaguar was made from the paper collage technique. The artist, Debbie Goodman, wrote, “Each original composition is rendered entirely from pieces of colored and patterned paper. The first step is sketching a design and mapping out individual pattern areas. The next is selecting the ‘palette” of papers that will express the subject’s color, texture, and character. The papers are then cut, layered, glued to a background sheet, sprayed with a protective coating, and framed for display.” Nice work. These purchases have proved to be the most useful so far this year: BlendJet 2 - SanDisk 8GB Clip Jam - gaffer tape - 303 Aerospace Protectant - Yeti mug - KN95 Face Masks. I’m curious, maybe I’ll look at my ‘purchased (2013-2020)’ doc and see what the most useful items were in previous years. I’ve always liked this sketch of a cheetah, leopard and jaguar. In Silver City, there is a business called The Bi