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packing for the road

In a small camper, like a boat, one has the pleasure of arranging everything one needs to enjoy life. Some thought needs to be given on how you are going to carry/organize all this stuff. Remember, this site is geared to the full-timer who needs to bring along way more than the vacationer or one who will only be out for a season. If you have a tow vehicle and a small trailer like the Casita, consider having a custom rack fabricated for the top of your tow vehicle for bulky, light stuff. Out of season clothing is stored in the tow vehicle. Seasonal clothing is in the trailer. Measured what space there is in the back of the SUV with the seat folded down, go to Wal-Mart, purchase a few tubs, and stack them in the back of the tow vehicle. Pack light, get rid of your nice glass jars, measuring cup, etc. and go plastic. I know, no panache, but lightweight. Try to choose items that can be used for multiple purposes. There are some good hiding places in your vehicle and trailer for i