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aging and disuse

Aging is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If we dread growing old, thinking it a time of forgetfulness and physical deterioration, then it is likely to be just that. On the other hand, if we expect to be full of energy and anticipate that our lives will be rich with new adventures and insights, then that is the likely reality. We prescribe who we are and what we are to become. Most, however, don’t question their perceptions of old age. Research shows that almost everything we have thought about growing old has been misleading. What we once considered to be marks of aging, we now know are the results of disuse or disease. Nutrition is a key factor enabling healthy aging. It affects the way we look, feel and act. Do you really care about your well-being? Are you truly interested in nurturing your body? The food we eat can make the difference between ending the day with a feeling of freshness and zest or fatigue and exhaustion. We tend to eat too much of what we don’t need, and not enough o