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first 6 weeks in the white mtns, up close bobcat,
road closures & the chinese, and semester at sea

I lucked out with my first camping site in the White Mountains. I drove to the end of an unmarked spur road and came across a spot that looked good. I let M&M out, then backed the casita off the road a ways, under some trees. I started setting up camp among the ponderosa while M&M were off exploring their new yard. Mesa soon came running back to the trailer so I thought someone was probably coming this way. I heard voices and a couple mountain bikers came by on a trail that passed about 50 yards of where I was setting up. I had not realized it was there. Way cool. The next morning I got on the Trek and hit the trail. What a beautiful trail and quite varied. It is part of the White Mountains trail system (something else I hadn’t been aware of). The trail crossed forest roads from time to time and over the next three weeks, I biked along them looking for possible camping spots and followed the roads far enough so I knew where to access them from one of the main forest ro