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Just thought this was cool (near the library in Moab). So, now it seems that a solstice equates with a goat. Since I started with Heifer International, I’ve bought three goats (only $120 each). As I’ve said, I love their tradition of ‘Pass on the Gift.’ Running tally is 3 goats and 1 flock of chicks ($20). Next flock comes at the spring equinox. In September, I came across another bottle of Pink while passing through Price, so I squirreled it away for my favorite holiday. I got up extra early on the solstice, bundled up and went out for a mug-walk while it was still somewhat dark. It’s so quiet and calm, with very little movement, this time of day. A Kakadu duster and Filson hat took care of the light drizzle. Looking forward to more light each day for the next six months. When I got back, I practiced zazen and called some friends. Later in the day, I went off on a hike along the bluff trail at Bottomless, continued along to the visitor center, worked my way up to the top of the

solo trailer and
last RV, but…

At times, I’ve gone for months without coming across a spot to camp that really feels good. Many are comfortable and there are areas to explore but they just don’t click. To most, they would probably be pretty nice, but having lived this lifestyle for a while, my standards seem to have risen above the norm. But at some point, I’ll come across a location that brings a big smile to my face and maybe a shout of YES! A new home. Won’t happen again until at least February or March. Tilt! Driving tends to be a little different off-the-grid. This section of road was somewhat washed out from the heavy, late summer rain in the area. Vehicles started going along the slope to get past it. I know, kind of damaging but there is a lot beyond this section of road. The hiking in this area is almost too good. No trails but good grief, who would want them in an area like this—there’s too much to see. RVers have no idea of what I mean by traveling between the roads—sure no butt-voyeurs here. I

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I don’t think we’re in Oregon anymore, Meadow and Mesa. Living on wheels doesn’t always lend itself to a schedule or itinerary (not that I care). I pulled off onto some BLM land one afternoon in Idaho. It was not great but not too bad (except for the flies). I got up the next morning and intended to sit and have a large mug of yerba mate and do some reading, since I planned for a very short drive to the next spot. Anyhow, when I got up I heard thunder and saw lightning so I thought it best to go right out, back the truck and hook up the weight-distribution hitch. I was two minutes from finishing up when it started to hail. I was two miles down this road with pretty bad washboards and maybe a quarter mile of loose, rutty hill down to the lake, where I was camped. I thought it would be smart to get up the hill and out towards the asphalt before the road got too slick. I then pulled over and heated up a mug of my morning drink. Since it was raining, I then just headed out. South of

my first chicks, apprehension
and a little help

It’s getting near the equinox, so as I wrote last month, time to purchase my first flock of chicks through Now I’ll be purchasing 2 goats and 2 flocks of chicks a year for families who could use a bit of assistance. Not bad; I wish more would make such a commitment. Well, I had a 100watt solar panel added to the 60watt already up on the roof and the 160watts are enough to take care of my needs. Sure is nice to see the batteries fully charged most days. The dealer replaced the solar controller but not with an upgrade, just another OEM. This second controller is starting to do the same things as the last one. Bummer. I’ll see what can be done about it. Last month while rolling into a national forest, I felt apprehensive. I’m driving along checking out spur roads, looking for a place to set up camp. I’m noticing how parched everything is; the grass looks like straw. On town runs, I’d been hearing about fires in this part of the state and in other areas. It was the first

$1000 town run for groceries, option error,
a flock of chicks, one cowpie,
and a lookout

Still haven’t seen much wildlife in this area. I did see the pronghorns once again and these little guys came scootin’ by one evening. It’s been hot so I put the reflectix panel in the back window for the hours the sun is hitting it. M&M are back to using the ramp up to the window cage since their little spare tire window is covered. The ramp looks kinda strange but it works well and they readily go up and down it. When I make a town run, I close the windows and crank the roof vents down most of the way. Partly for security (as if a 12 year old couldn’t break into a trailer) and partly in case it rains. I’ve left under clear skies and come back in pouring rain. If the day is going to be hot, I put food and water out for M&M and leave them outside so they can find cool spots. Remember, we’re not in campgrounds. That done, I loaded the Dodge with laundry, MacBook, town bag and whatnot, and went to pull away from camp. No power steering (I had no idea it could be such a pro

this and that and my 2nd goat

When it is warm, this is a typical evening scene. I’m on a low rider, Meadow is on the stool shelf and Mesa is on the director chair. If it’s hot, once the pickup’s metal cools down, Mesa is spread out on the roof or hood. Lynn sent me this jpg. Almost makes me want to get a beater bike and do something like this. Three bikes might be a bit much, however. Now this is a stellar idea for a houseboat. I could definitely live the life. I’d keep the small runabout, replace the two motorboats with a canoe and a scull, and build a vegetable garden on part of the deck. Sweet. I’ve seen photos of trailers on rafts; people use them for getaway spots. That could be pretty cool. Except for the first week with the Nash (it was warm), I lit the Wave 6 every morning until the 28th of June. June! Then there was mostly blue sky with temps up in the 80s and then into the 90s for a week or so. Went from having two windows open a bit during the night to having all the windows and roof vents ope

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I pass through some fabulous areas but, unlike most, I don’t get much from seeing awesome scenery through the windshield. To me it’s like watching a movie; I’m just sittin’ there on my butt. Does anyone really think looking up at a mountain is more impressive than looking out from a trail near the top or from a ridgeline? And as I’ve said before, it’s not as if the most majestic scenery is along the asphalt. It’s certainly beautiful—but I don’t feel anything. I need to be out in it—hiking, running or mountain biking. I need to have all my senses open to Nature. I get a charge out of feeling my heart pumping and my muscles working. That’s when I feel most alive and in-touch with the outdoors. Running along a single track in the early morning while taking it all in makes this lifestyle truly special for me. And it’s stellar incentive to keep active. Different strokes—but not bad for a senior. Once off the two-lane blacktop, my traveling begins. Sometimes deer came walking by in th