neighbors and the spaceship

Some neighbors stopped by one morning. We talked about their winter.

So I spent the winter in a trailer park since the NMSPs were closed. Remember hearing about trailer parks from the late ‘40s and ’50s? No frills, families living in trailers, going to work and raising families? This small park has a number of year-round residents. Some living on just social security. A couple of rigs might not even be able to move. There was a retired nurse living in a tent with no car. The management keeps the rent down and the park is a life saver for some.

I met a few people in the park who were passing through or staying there for a few months or a year. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with some. With three, I could talk about anything. And had true back and forth interesting conversations with questions, differing opinions and whatnot. I need that stimulation. It charges me. It’s even better with a glass of red. It is what friends do. I miss that. The friends I have are hundreds of miles away. Thankfully, the gods have provided me with email and a cell phone. But with their sense of humor, I won’t be able to use them much until November.

Arrived back in Timberon. First thing I had to do was pull out a bowsaw and go at the small tree that was knocked down across my access road. Cut it into sections that I could pull out of the way.

View out the back window as the rig is orientated for the spring months.

Back up at 7,000’. First morning was 43º in the Nash when I got out of the sleeping bag. Lit up the Wave 6. Priceless for my lifestyle. As are solar panels. The evening of the sixth day, ten deer came through. Never had that many go through at one time, that I am aware of. I need all this, but not in Timberon. Hope to look for land in another part of NM in October.

I have a route that I take every other morning with eight similar hills. There are no single tracks here, which I prefer, but I rarely see a vehicle on these roads. I’m still walking with dumbbells doing hammer curls and triceps kickbacks. After timing my first walk, I logged it down so I can keep track of my progress. I always need a baseline. Hills are awesome task masters.

I knew my grip had weakened over the winter. My own fault. The first day swinging the pick showed me exactly how weak. Not going to tell you how lame my strikes were. Kept working with the pick and rake for an hour before moving on to other tasks. Took 3 pints of water to keep the body energized. Really looking forward to all the hard, outdoor work this summer.

Glad to have access to a public radio station that broadcasts NPR’s Planet Money & How I Built This on Saturday mornings. Missed them this past winter.

This spaceship from another world was observing over Washington, DC. One being said, “This is interesting. These bipeds down below are the ones making laws for their country.”
A second one asked, “Are they an emerging intelligence?”
“No. First off, there are way too many of them. Secondly, one of them is standing in front of the others, and he seems to be reading them his grandmother’s favorite recipes.”

The ball is in your court. Pick it up.

March sixty minutes sixty years—1910 minutes
March Triple 18—upper: 2110; core:1880; legs: 3300

Yield and you need not break.
Bent, you can straighten.
Emptied, you can hold.
Torn, you can mend.
A passage from the Tao.

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RVwest article ‘Following a Free Spirit’

RVwest article ‘The Space Between the Places’


SOD said…
Miss our conversations over a little red my friend.

Have been in Marble Canyon for the last couple of weeks and heading out soon. Would love to get your input on possible BLM spots near St. George if you know of any. Have to get some work done on the RV. All under warranty but I have a feeling parts will need to be ordered so I will have some time to kill.

Love the photos! :)
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MFH said…
At last! A cat picture!!!

More, please.

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