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podcasts, grave robbers, the rhino, and wash hikes

I’ve had the good fortune to get to know a couple from Canada over the last few winters. Unfortunately it looks like they will probably not be spending any more winters down in southern New Mexico. One state park will just not be the same without them around. This winter Heather and Donald lent me the ‘Lord of the Rings’ trilogy on DVDs. That was a treat. I found the behind-the-scenes features just about as entertaining as the movie. The week before they headed north, we were talking about helping the road miles go by by listening to podcasts. I told them about my favorite, ‘Wait, Wait….’ I was pleased that they were not familiar with it so I know they will be getting some laughs as they work their way up to Toronto. I also mentioned ‘Car Talk’ which they have heard of but never listened to. That show has sure expanded over the years. ‘The Moth’ was another one I thought they might find interesting. Donald and Heather told me about the ‘Vinyl CafĂ©’ from I like it. It’s real dow