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simple travel—between the roads

Going back to ‘simple living’ has readjusted my focus on many aspects of life&#151travel, for one. A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. Lao Tzu Rediscovering nature can be a good way to get past possession addiction. Backpacking or canoe camping shows us how little we actually need. Traveling in a Class B van or small trailer is not far behind. Some find the ‘places to visit’ are places to avoid. If tour busses are disgorging hundreds of people a day somewhere&#151some of us will be nowhere around. It’s not our kind of wilderness/outdoor experience. Or riding around in a shuttle bus? Nope. One sees so little from the asphalt and sidewalks. The Outdoors is beautiful. The effort to get out in it is well worth it. Those sitting on their butts being pulled along by an engine are never going to understand. One hears about people who go off and drive thousands of miles on interstates during a vacation ‘seeing the sights’. What does one really s