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back to Bisbee V, my first flock of ducks,
cosmic catnip, RVwest, and hiking a gulch

One morning before I rolled out of CoR, I hiked up the mesa, using a game trail, which I much prefer, rather than the hiking trail, and then around the top rim. I stopped on the north side for a while to drink some juice and read a paperback. Nice and quiet. I stocked up at the Silver City food co-op with enough dry staples to last most of the year. I wish quinoa did not become so popular. I swear it was only a year or year and a half ago when it was less than $2 a pound and now it’s close to $7. Guano. It’s my favorite grain; sure glad a pound goes so far. I know, I know, not what you expect to see in my room-with-a-view photos. I took a spot at the Queen Mine RV Park in Bisbee for a week. It’s a small park with 25 sites, in the shape of a teardrop. Some sites are wedged in tight. Wi-fi reception varies depending where you are in the park. Some RVers live in the park for months. You can probably guess I listened to Pandora for the whole week. It’s an easy walk into Old Bisbee s