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night life, wimpin’ out a bit, email, dragging my feet,
spring cleaning, flash backs, too old, and ravens (again)

M&M have been giving me a hard time about coming in at night the last month or so. From time to time one or the other has spent the night out and a few times both. Not good. They had been doing fine with nightly access to their window cage now that it’s warm enough to keep the window open all night. Have no idea why this has started all of a sudden. It’s not like this lifestyle is new to them. If it continues, whenever I’m around camp at noon, I’ll boot them out (with their water bowl). It might then be easier to snag them just before twilight. The bicycle pump was working well with the casita and Cherokee tires but the larger tires on the Dodge proved a bit too much for me. I wimped out and purchased a 12V Slime tire inflator. Sometimes being a wuss doesn’t feel all that bad. The pump works well and it’s much faster than I had anticipated for being so small and compact. There have been times when an email finally gets through to me or someone mentions that my email addre