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new panels, a comeback, ford
and paw prints

A doe occasionally comes by with two fawns. Haven’t seen a second doe. Deer are not the only ones who drink out of these buckets. Even though Mesa and Meadow have their own water bowl, with fresher water. I was reading through some legendary comic comebacks. I like this one: Reporter: How many people work at the Vatican? Pope John XXIII: About half. I guess I found this humorous because it was from a Pope. The position might need a sense of humor. It was time to replace my window foam panels. The aluminum facing on the other side splits and peels over time. These are the new panels I cut. I also cut one for the tall curb-side back window. When the panels are up, the blinds are down so the foam is out of sight. I use them most mornings in the summer since I have not been able to set up in the shade. They take up very little space in the shower stall. I don’t use them as consistently in the winter and only at night if the temp is going down into the 30s or below. With the bl