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room without a view, back to Bisbee VI, Scorpion II,
license @ 66, mulled wine, and music and the ostrich

I went back to Bisbee for a week and this was my room without a view—the mark of man on the land. Kinda makes me embarrassed to be human. There is a scenic overlook less than a mile down the road for this. Definitely different strokes. While in Bisbee, I thought to check the expiration date for my AZ driver license. It had expired over a year ago, when I turned 65. Guano. Thankfully, I was not pulled over while towing the Nash in another state. The Dodge would have been impounded and I would have had to hire a tow for the Nash to a place where it could be set up. Then I would have had to get to a DMV in Arizona to see about getting a new license (without doing any driving). Unreal. So there I was, sitting in a DMV affiliate office in Sierra Vista, reading the driver manual, then taking the written and driving test. I lost my CDL and motorcycle endorsement. Guano. What a day. Then I had to stay in Bisbee another two weeks until the license arrived. Oh well, at least with all the