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65, dead people, peaches and peas,
wonder, body armor, and stepping stones

I’m not a campground-type person. On my 65th birthday last month, I celebrated with a six-mile hike up Dog Canyon at Oliver Lee SP and did 1000 reps of various leg, delt, pec, and core exercises. Not anywhere near the stuff Jack LaLanne did to celebrate his birthdays but probably better than most of those my age. Not all that shabby for both a cancer and transplant survivor. I also had a glass of wine from a bottle of 7 Deadly Zins (which Larry and Judy suggested a while back), very tasty. Had my first physical since 2001; weighed in at 20 pounds less than when I graduated high school. I love not being part of the ‘norm.’ I used my last loaf of Dave’s Killer bread that I picked up in Moab; life is over. Guano. At least I have my freezer back. Remember I’ve said that I don’t tend to relate to solo full-timers who don’t have a pet? Often there is something missing when caring for an animal/human on a daily basis is not part of one’s life. I realized that I also don’t seem to