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I was wondering if I was going to be able to stay here until the end of November. These roads get slick when wet. There was a dusting of snow on November 3rd and I was thinkin’, uh-oh. The inside temp on the morning of the 4th was 38. Then the cold spell hit in the middle of the month. The first morning’s inside temp was 34. It’s too early in the cold season to deal with outside temps going down into the teens at night—so I wimped out. A few nights, I kept the Wave 6 on, set to its lowest setting (I think it is 1500 BTUs, no much but it worked quite well). I felt like such a wuss. Other than the two back-to-back nights a few years ago with minus 6 and 8 temps, I think this the only other time I’ve had heat on through the night while dry camping. One thing I looked for when deciding on a trailer was having a window at the head of the bed. It’s cracked open even on the coldest nights. One day it was pretty much overcast and I spent a good deal of time working at the table with all