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another mishmash

I watched a family of turkeys chicks grow this summer. The young chicks are so vulnerable, not alert, slow, can’t fly and no means of defense. The hen softly clucks when the family is moving through the woods and meadows so the chicks can keep track of her. But the soft clucks are also signals to predators for meals-on-wheels. This year’s family started with eight chicks, but lost three early on. The remaining five are doing fine. I read a lot of fiction in many genres. I enjoy books with strong women lead characters, so occasionally I’ll read books such as Patricia Cornwell’s Dr. Kay Scarpetta series. I just finished, Unnatural Exposure. Then there’s Elizebeth Peter’s Amelia Peabody archeology series set in Egypt in the early 1900s. What a strong, feisty character. It is best to work through the series from the first book, rather than read them randomly. JD Robb’s Lieutenant Eve Dallas series. Must start with the first book. Dallas and Rourke butting heads. And how Peabody (y