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acts of kindness and caramels

I ordered a pack of Swiss Safe Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets & Bonus Gold Foil Space Blanket. Designed for NASA. One for my daypack and one in my pickup (the old boy scout thing). On short hikes, I frequently just take a good size hip pack, one in there. Anyway, one of the 4-star reviews caught my eye. The person wrote there are quite a few homeless people in his area, with temps near freezing with heavy rain in the winter. “It's not unusual to see someone sleeping on a bench, the ground, under some bushes, etc...There is one woman who sleeps on the same bench pretty much every night wrapped in blankets. She's out there in the open, every day, even in the rain. I drove by her one day on my way to work and she literally had frost on her blanket. Frost, on a human being. “These blankets are cheap enough that I buy them to hand out to houseless people who look like they need to keep warm/dry. They are small enough to be carried in a pocket, have many different uses, a