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Diana’s Sixty Minutes Sixty Years Challenge

I posted a photo of a hike I took with Dave and Tim up Miller Canyon in the Huachuca Mountains back in March, the ‘back to Bisbee III entry.’ Well, here’s a photo of that section on mountains now. Dave emailed me the story and photo. I forwarded it to Tim. He has plans to come back to the area next winter for mountain biking. Tim emailed back saying that Sandy, at Gray Hawk Nature Center where he volunteered last winter, has some evacuees camping there and a couple of her friends have lost their homes. I want to call Lynn to touch base and see what she has to say about it all. She has a friend who was evacuated. It’s pretty bad down there. A comment from Diana on my ‘aging and disuse’ entry led me to her ‘Sixty Minutes Sixty Years’ blog. ( Just before Diana turned 60, a WW challenge caught her eye—choose a goal in minutes of fitness-focused activity to work toward each month. She tweaked it

short segment north through NM and
what a woman finds attractive in a man

This will probably be the last year that I work my way north through New Mexico. I really don’t like driving through the middle third of the state and it’s not the kind of land that I enjoy camping in. I did manage to finally see Taos this year though. Now that is a town that I could live in. Or rather just outside of. Seems like a nice community and there is ready access to some awesome mountains. If I come back this way in October as I head south, I hope to spend some time there. I knew it was a dry winter down here but it didn’t sink in until I stopped at some spots I visited in the past and found dry creek beds. Not good. They also started fire restrictions in the Gila’s in early April. Then elsewhere there is extensive flooding. Unreal. Early one day I took Carson National Forest road 439 off rt518 and that could have been a big mistake. It was a fairly steep, narrow, rutty road cut into the hillside. About a mile up was a pipe gate with a ‘road closed’ sign on it. Luckily t