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solo trailer and
last RV, but…

At times, I’ve gone for months without coming across a spot to camp that really feels good. Many are comfortable and there are areas to explore but they just don’t click. To most, they would probably be pretty nice, but having lived this lifestyle for a while, my standards seem to have risen above the norm. But at some point, I’ll come across a location that brings a big smile to my face and maybe a shout of YES! A new home. Won’t happen again until at least February or March. Tilt! Driving tends to be a little different off-the-grid. This section of road was somewhat washed out from the heavy, late summer rain in the area. Vehicles started going along the slope to get past it. I know, kind of damaging but there is a lot beyond this section of road. The hiking in this area is almost too good. No trails but good grief, who would want them in an area like this—there’s too much to see. RVers have no idea of what I mean by traveling between the roads—sure no butt-voyeurs here. I