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I’ve been keeping my eyes open for ‘Pink’ ever since my friend Cathy brought me a bottle a year and a half ago up in Utah. It’s an Australian sparkling wine by Yellowglen. For the solstice, I was looking for a bottle of Bordeaux. Didn’t find one. BUT, there on the shelf was a bottle of Pink. The gods must be telling me I’ve mostly done good this past year. On my favorite day of the year, the Earth’s New Year (and summer is coming!), I come across my elusive wine. That night I bundled up, got a small fire going in my steel feed pan, read a good book by headlamp, and sipped two glasses of Pink. As I told students in my silversmith classes—SIG, Simple is Good. Living expenses went over $10,000 again last year. Guano. Life’s getting expensive. By only a few hundred, though. Not too bad. If I nixed the money I put into electric sailplanes and cut out imported beer I could have been under $10,000. Fat chance—quality of life and all that. I did overspend on groceries, however. That is SU