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meandering north up NM rt.181with a little blue bird
too many mice, san francisco mountains,
rough roads, the starter, and the flower moon

We picked up a little bluebird down in New Mexico. I think she got stuck on a piece of 3M VHB tape. She keeps pretty quiet, unless you reach up and squeeze her. Doesn’t eat much. Seems to get by with licking the bugs off her face. I was not able to receive NPR for the past month but finally got a chance to download the podcasts for ‘Wait, Wait…’. Great program. I always get a chuckle when I hear others share a story about ‘Wait, Wait…’. Ron, who I met during the summer I was working in Kanab, mentioned that he was listening to Wait, Wait one time while on a treadmill at the gym. He got to laughing so hard at something Paula Poundstone said that he fell/jumped off the treadmill. I can easily relate to that. Poundstone is priceless. Wish I was there—it ALWAYS feels good to see someone laugh so hard at something funny. Had a nice drive up rt.180 for about 90 miles and pulled off onto Sheridan Corral Rd. The road was a bit steep for a mile or so but once past the cattle guard (maybe