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2nd flock, 3rd cat, pretty much a bust,
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it’s just starting

At times, I’ll be sitting outside the Nash watching M&M moving about. This video clips slows the feline gait down so one can see why they look so cool when one is cruisin’ about. The gait changes when they pick up speed. I’ve read other web pages on this pacing and some don’t jive with what’s written on this link’s page, but be that as it may, that’s one smooth kickass stride. cat pacing video clip Last month, while still at at Oliver Lee, the day the Dog Canyon trail was closed, I hiked down the Dog Canyon arroyo, circled out and over to the Oliver Lee House and back to the Nash. A nice two hour hike, but I’m not a fan of flat hikes. Anyway, I came across these two javelinas. For the spring equinox I purchased another flock of ducks. My Heifer International total is now seven goats, two flocks of chicks, one flock of geese, two flock of ducks, and a ‘Gift of a Healthy Home.’ Next donation will be on the summer solstice. My social-fix season was pretty much a bust thi